Selling a property in Portugal

Getting started:

When you decide to sell your property in Portugal, it is essential to engage the services of a licensed estate agent like Jessica Properties. Typically, agency fees amount to 5% plus VAT (at 23%). In Portugal, it is standard procedure for the seller to cover the agency fees.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Jessica Properties, you benefit from a friendly, personalised service. We are experts in our field and we work with trustworthy partners throughout the country and abroad. 

To ensure a smooth selling process, licensed estate agents are obligated to collect specific documents from the seller. These documents establish the property's legal status and are necessary for listing the property officially. Compliance with these requirements is regularly monitored by the governing body IMPIC.

The essential documents include:

- Seller’s ID: copies of the Portuguese Fiscal Card and or/ Passport/Cartão de Residência are required.

- Tax Office Registration (Caderneta Predial): this document provides a description of the property at the Tax Office and its fiscal value, which is used for rate calculations.

- Registration Certificate (Certidão de Registo Predial): this certificate confirms the property's registered owner and includes a description of the property, including land size and existing charges, if any. The information on this certificate must match the details on the Caderneta Predial.

- Deeds (Escritura Pública de Compra e Venda): this document verifies the property's title of acquisition and is held by the Notary Office where it was signed.

- Habitation License (Alvará de Licença de Utilização): this license confirms that the property was constructed according to the plans and specifications approved by the Local Council (Câmara) and has been inspected for habitation upon completion.

- Plans (Projectos de Arquitectura/ Plantas): it is advisable to obtain a set of approved plans from the Câmara to ensure that the property aligns with the initially approved plans.

- Ficha Técnica de Habitação: this document provides comprehensive information about the property, including details about materials used and contact information for suppliers and builders. Note that this document is not required for properties built before August 7, 1951, or for properties with a Habitation License issued or applied for until March 31, 2004.

- Energy Certificate: Since December 1, 2013, an Energy Certificate is mandatory for all properties being offered for sale.

Remember, we are here to assist you throughout the entire selling process. Our experienced team will guide you, ensure all necessary documentation is in order, and actively market your property to attract the right buyers.

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